MVPJP - A "new" product with an impressive history...



Looking at it one way, Multi-Value Phantom Job Processor (MVPJP) is a "new" product launched in early 2011. However, it is not new at all. Rather, it is the next generation of a well established product, Phantom Job Processor (PJP), which has been successfully used as an add-on for Columbia Ultimate's "The Collector System" (known as "Cubs") since 2005.


PJP was developed by Marc Kahn for Cubs Consulting, Inc. It is in use at more than 15 different Cubs users and is listed, by Columbia Ultimate, as an approved add-on to their software. PJP was written to be integrated with the Cubs software and therefore makes use of many of the programs which comprise the infrastructure of the Cubs system.

This tight integration limited PJP's potential universe of users to Cubs users. In order to bring PJP to the broader marketplace of Multi-Value Database users, it was necessary to modify the programming to become a stand-alone product. These modifications are complete and MVPJP, retaining PJP's core functionality, is now available outside of PJP's original market niche.

Cubs Consulting, Inc.

Cubs Consulting, Inc. (CCI) was founded in 2000 by John George to provide consulting and custom programming for users of Columbia Ultimate's "The Collector System". In 2004, it became clear that some of the custom programming could be transformed into more generic software products. In 2005, PJP version 1.00 was developed as part of that business strategy. PJP is now up to version 1.05 and is actively being marketed by CCI. It has proven to be a successful product, in use at over 15 of CCI's clients.

While most of CCI's products have Cubs-specific functionality, PJP is unique in its potential to be expanded beyond CCI's focused market. CCI is an enthusiastic supporter of Marc Kahn's efforts to market MVPJP to a larger universe of users.

Marc Kahn

Marc Kahn has been active as an independent software contractor since 1982. Early on he was introduced to the Pick database system, working on a Microdata Reality system. The Pick system (now MVDB) has been the focus of his software career since the beginning. Over the years, he has provided custom programming, consulting, and product development services for a wide variety of clients.

Marc worked as a contractor at Columbia Ultimate in the late 1990s and has been acting as a sub-contractor member of CCI's team since 2001.