MVPJP is sold, by subscription, for an annual license fee.


90 Day Free Trial

In order for new clients to become acquainted with MVPJP, prior to committing to an annual license, we gladly make it available for a testing period of 90 days. During this trial period, you will have full use of our product to allow you to assess whether or not it meets your long-term needs.

It is in our mutual interest that MVPJP work for you. We will do whatever we need to do to assure your success with our product. During this trial period, the following services are subject to an hourly charge:

  • Installation
  • Training
  • Support (and troubleshooting) of existing processes that you want to automate.

45 days into the trial subscription, we will send you a bill for the first year, which will start on the 91st day after installation. If you decide to not make long-term use of MVPJP, it will stop working after the 90 day period has elapsed.

If you decide to keep using MVPJP as an enhancement to your data processing operations, once we receive your payment, we will send you instructions about how to enter a special code to keep the software operational for the next year.

Installation Requirements

It is essential that we have TCL access to your MVDB host. The reason for this is that we keep our source code on your machine in an encrypted format. We are the only ones who can decrypt the code in order to install or modify the software.

We have experience using the following access methods:

  • Telnet directly over the internet
  • Various VPN clients plus Telnet or SSH
  • Microsoft Remote Desktop
  • Internet PC access tools (i.e.
  • Internet meeting tools (i.e. Webex)

Prior to installation, we will ask you to complete a questionnaire about your organization, contact information, MVDB platform specifics, and vendor billing requirements. We will send you a file containing all of our encrypted source code which we request that you place in an operating system folder which is visible from within your MVDB application environment. We prefer to set up our own BASIC Program file (MVPJP-BP), but if that's a problem, we're willing to use one of yours.

Once the software is installed and tested by us, you will have 2 options for training. If you are comfortable with self-directed training, you can use our on-line tutorial. If you prefer, we can work directly with you over the phone to familiarize you with how to use MVPJP.

Billing Options

The annual license fee for a single-server installation is $3,000.00. All license fee payments are due in advance of the period that is being paid for. On an on-going basis, bills will be sent 60 days prior to the expiration date of the current license period.

As part of the "single-server" license, you have the right to propagate our software onto a non-production test server whenever you "refresh" your test environment.

If your organization has multiple MVDB production servers, we will discount our annual license fee according to the following schedule:

  • 2 servers at $2,500.00 each = $5,000.00
  • 3 servers at $2,000.00 each = $6,000.00
  • 4 or more servers at $1,750.00 each

If you prefer to pay more frequently than an annual payment, we will charge $100.00 per payment for the extra invoicing and bookkeeping. Therefore, for a single-server annual fee of $3,000.00, the possible payment amounts would be:

  • 1 annual payment of $3,000.00
  • 2 semiannual payments of $1,600.00
  • 4 quarterly payments of $850.00